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Nikki Baldwin
Owner / Instructor
Nikki Baldwin

I have been teaching Jazzercise... since 1996!  Initially in Suffolk, but now in South East London / Kent.

I became a Jazzercise instructor because...I absolutely loved the workouts as a student.  I’d never found an exercise class I enjoyed so much!  When approached by the class owner about becoming an Instructor I said ‘yes’ straight away’, I had always wanted to dance on a stage!

I worked as a... UK&I Client Manager for Hewlett Packard (previously known as Compaq, and before that Digital Equipment) as well as being a Jazzercise Instructor up to 2006 when I moved to London and opened up my own classes.  I now juggle Jazzercise, being a Mum and also a Learning Support Assistant in a primary school.

What I like the most about Jazzercise is... my awesome team of Instructors and our lovely customers (many who are, and will be, life-long friends) and the positive impact our classes have on our local communities.

The thing I love most about my workout is... the fabulous music we get to dance to and that after workout feeling!

My most embarrassing class was when... I split the crotch right out of the pair of union jack pants I was wearing and had to wear my instructor jacket instead to save my embarrassment!  There have been a few classes that have also come close… being chased by a very persistent wasp which was like a sketch out of Benny Hill!  Having class interrupted by an old lady (neighbour to our hall) walking onto the stage swinging her handbag as class was too loud!  The most recent was getting stuck on stage whilst one of my team was recording her class for her evaluation, and trying to sneak off the stage unnoticed (total fail) like a snake under tables and down some stairs!

My motto at Jazzercise... it changes… regular ones are “pull that belly button into your spine”, “keep that dancers square to the front”, oh and “AWESOME”!

Right now my favourite artist is… oh theres too many to name just one, we’re so very lucky with the music we get to dance to and I like many genres.  I guess if I had to choose one it would be the popular dance ones!

Something most of you don’t know about me… I have 3 tattoo’s and my belly button is pierced!

In my future life I will... rescue British Bulldogs in need of their forever home and couch, and look forward to becoming a Nanny!

My favourite treat is... hard to nail down to one thing!  I love unhealthy savoury and sweet foods as well as pink wine and pink gin!

When I am not working out...I’m being a Mum to my kind, funny, handsome and totally awesome son – who I’m hoping will join our teaching team one day! We have a small zoo to look after including a British Bulldog, a corn snake , a Russian dwarf hamster and an ant colony!


Rachel Stevenson
Rachel Stevenson